Adrienne Neilson

Adrienne Neilson


Andrew’s workshop was so well received we are already working on ways to bring him back for more. Our people were blown away by the tailored, personal insights that Andrew delivered through his frameworks.

He linked his workshop to our internal company values and brought both to life with his energy and expertise. His casual but content-driven style was just right for our audience.

We walked away from the day with practical tools for using our greatest talents to be our best selves and get the best out of our interactions with others, which is a powerful combination.

Anne Da Cunha

Anne Da Cunha

CHIEF Marketing Officer @ Laureate Universities International

Andrew has a brilliant way of seeing through the chaff and highlighting the wheat in a caring and practically useful way.

He has run a number of sessions for my team and I and I've come away every time with a usefully new perspective, actionable team insights and rave reviews and feedback from my team.

Olivia Ruello CEO Business Chicks

Olivia Ruello

CEO @ Business Chicks 

Andrew has the unique ability to challenge and question the dominant logic and deliver outcomes that far exceed expectations.

He can synthesise large amounts of information to articulate the needs of our business and create pathways for change. It has been a pleasure working with Andrew.

Ben Handler CEO Cohenhandler

Ben Handler

CEO @ Cohen Handler

If you are looking for someone to show up who is honest, curious and eager to learn how strategy and execution is beautifully integrated for a winning model in your company - Andrew is the solution to deliver this.

You must be prepared for Andrew to ask deep questions, connect the dots, collaborate with you and your team.

Sarah Spiteri

CEO @ Talent 100

Put simply, Andrew gets it! He has a positive can do attitude backed with the human, strategic and technology smarts to not only advise but help you execute on your plan. Andrew also happens to be a charismatic, dynamic and highly engaging human being who will win the trust of your team.

He’s honest, down to earth and won't just tell you what you want to hear. I can’t recommend Andrew highly enough.

David Harrison Creative Director The Kings Collective

David Harrison

Creative Director @ The Kings Collective

Andrew has been an incredible force in shaping our production company as a sustainable, visionary and viable business.

He has been incredibly inspiring for us as a new business, helping us to identify our point of difference, unify our vision and illuminate our natural talents.

He is a genuine visionary, who is way ahead of his time. We are still pinching ourselves!

Vanessa Gilbert CEO Boutique Estates

Vanessa Gilbert


Andrew has a unique ability to quickly absorb a business' direction and get to the heart of its core needs and the opportunities it has in front of them.

He used this context to educate, guide and support us to better understand our natural capabilites and how we leverage these for our groups success.