It all starts with engagement. 

Actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged ones by 2 to 1.

Globally only 13% of people report being engaged at work.

63% of people report they are not engaged and 24% say they are actively disengaged from their workplaces. What is this costing us in productivity and profit?

A lack of engagement directly effects: 

  • Discretionary effort
  • Motivation
  • Productivity
  • Retention 

Capture an instant snapshot of engagement within your organisation with the Q12 engagement survey and then build an actionable plan to tangibly improve engagement across your team.

  • Invest in employee selection
  • Cultivate strengths
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Empower accountability

Gallup: State of the Workplace 2013

Take a snapshot of engagement across your team.

4 hours of strategist and coaching support to decode what the Q12 results mean for your team and build an action plan that transforms new awareness into action.


  • Q12 Survey Analysis
  • Leadership Team Debrief
  • Collaborative Action Planning
  • Key Recommendations


  • 45 minute discovery meeting (no charge)
  • 4 hours of strategy, coaching and action planning

$800* - Value of $1500

The Q12 Survey costs an additional $20* per person.

*All prices inc of GST. 

People who know and use their CliftonStrengths

Explore CliftonStrengths = Increased engagement.

Discover your CliftonStrengths and gain insight into your natural talents and capabilities: thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

We begin exploring why you are already enough and how potentially overplaying or underplaying your greatest talents might represent your biggest challenge.

Through this strengths-based discussion, we can grow in self-awareness, rebalance and get more clear on our choices for the future.