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Strategy and DNA
  • Start up Culture & DNA

  • Employee Experience

  • Team Engagement

Do you need someone who listens deeply, simplifies complexity and highlights your next move?

Clarity and connection are two keys to success in our faster future.

Every team must equip themselves to navigate complexity and uncertainty.

Clarity on what, how and who. What: What is to be achieved? How: Do we achieve things together? Who: Who am I and who are you?

Startup Culture

I support Startups to go beyond their big idea.

Start ups are often so driven by the value of their big idea they neglect to take people along for the ride. Start ups must have the following pieces of their DNA clear, documented and owned by every team member:

  • Purpose: Why we do what we do? - a reason that goes above and beyond profit

  • Values: How we do what we do? - what we hold as precious in our work together

  • Ambitions: What do we need to achieve? - and who needs to achieve it

  • Engagement: How will we all remain plugged in? - and how do our leaders support it

Andrew supports start ups to get clear (fast) on their unique DNA.

This is achieved through 1:1 coaching, group strategy sessions and group activities that not only define the teams DNA but help them to own it themselves.

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Employee  Experience

Employee Experience Design

Money is no longer enough to motivate and retain our people.

Leaders who are not focused on each element of their employee’s experience will struggle to serve their customers, achiever higher profits, and in some cases, continue to be successful past 2020.

I support leaders to review their end to end employee experience and link them to the right people inside or outside of their team to ensure their employee experience is engaging, focused on development and able to deliver on the future of work.

We get this done through a range of 1:1 sessions, leadership and team sessions whilst building just in time strategy that doesn’t break the bank.

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Team Engagement

Team Engagement Score

Actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged ones by 2 to 1.

Globally only 13% of people report being engaged at work. Gallup: State of the Workplace 2013

What is this costing us in productivity and profit?

A lack of engagement directly effects: 

  • Over and above effort

  • Motivation

  • Productivity

  • Retention 

The Q12 engagement survey captures a snapshot of engagement within your organisation so we can build an action plan to improve engagement across your team.

You can find out more about the team engagement review pack here: CLICK HERE

Schedule a 15 minute introduction to Andrew to learn more - BOOK HERE

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