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We must prepare for our faster future.

I believe we all need to upgrade ourselves for a future filled with complexity and uncertainty.

We can achieve this by being present, linking new knowledges [sic] and skills to our uniqueness whilst building truly human connections.

Generational changes, conscious computing and the changing future of work all need to be discussed.

I have prepared three different keynote presentations focused on preparing for our faster future. They are all energetic, engaging and better yet customisable so they are immediately actionable.

As MC Andrew hosts events, keeping your people engaged in the present moment, energised and anchored to your event’s outcomes.


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Our Faster Future

Our collective future is filled with complexity and uncertainty.

Lets talk about 9 principles that prepare us for conscious computing and our ever faster future…


  • The 3 conditions of our era

  • Technologies role in our acceleration

  • 9 principles to thrive in our faster future

  • Actionable insights

Gen Now

Millennials and Gen Z will make up over 50% of the workforce next year.

Who are they? What motivates them? How can we retain them? How can we lead them towards performance?


  • World leading research

  • Baby Boomer and Gen X engagement

  • Recommendations and strategies

The Future of Work

Pre-internet thinking is saturating our workplaces.

How can we upgrade our workplace to lean on purpose, our strengths and more real time conversations?


  • The past of our workplaces

  • Key ingredients of the future of work

  • Future leadership mindsets and actions

What people are saying.

Experiences with…

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