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Do you need someone who listens deeply, simplifies complexity and highlights your next move?

We must upgrade our teams’ for the future of work. The upgrade needed is towards our humanness and away from being a cog in a machine.

You need a coach who isn’t going to simply puff your team up with energy that can’t be sustained towards long term performance and development.

Great coaching is grounded, integrates many tools and works toward celebrating your teams diversity of thought, feeling and action.

I use a broad set of tools to support individuals and teams to grow in how they bring their best selves to work even when things are uncertain and complex.

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CliftonStrengths Coaching

Join 20+ million people who have tapped into how their teams’ natural talents support them to:

  • Build relationships

  • Think strategically

  • Influence others

  • Execute on their plans

Strengths based training & coaching uses CliftonStrengths to understand your team’s natural capabilities. A tool that brings instantaneous self-awareness to develop natural talents into strengths. 


Within Strengths Coaching we firstly name your teams’ talents, help them to see where they help or hinder their performance and focus them on how their talents can add up to performance that matters.

We start with Self Awareness and end with Team Balance.

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Andrew Sloan’s Strength Development Model

Andrew Sloan’s Strength Development Model


Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leaders develop by knowing more of themselves. 

Self-awareness is the primary key to future proof leadership. We develop leaders from the inside out - cultivating in their every thought, feeling and behaviour an expression of the Four Needs of Followers


  • Self-awareness surveys and assessments

  • Individual leadership coaching

  • Leadership team training and facilitation

  • Mindful, aware and connected leadership development 

  • Transforming from Boss to Coach

We support leaders to prepare and embody the future of work one filled with purpose, development, coaching and strengths.

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The Future of Work by Gallup

The Future of Work by Gallup


Conflict Management

Conflict Management

Conflict happens. It can either create productive friction that generates new possibilities for your people or it can disable, disconnect and have the power to cause harm. 

Let's create a bespoke plan to support healthy conflict in your team by integrating the very best elements of strengths based coaching with just enough psycho-therapeutic tools to make a difference quickly.


  • Organisational psychotherapy and strengths based coaching

  • Individual & team coaching and training

  • Triad coaching for leaders and or team members

Change the game of how conflict is managed in your workplace by focusing on what is working versus what is broken and needing to be fixed. 

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