What is your central message to the world? A central message that might stand up still in decades time as your reason for doing and being in the world. 

I'm here to co create spaces that enhance self awareness.

Self awareness of who you are and who you are in the world.

I fundamentally believe that change is directed by our new self awareness and then it's translation to empathy and active compassion amongst other things. We can't afford awareness of others until we have afforded this for ourselves. 

What is your central message? 

You might just find it with a little more self awareness. 



One side of government demands bigger governments. The other side smaller ones. 

One leader demands speed and confrontation. The other a slower pace together with compassion. 

One family desires holidays up the coast where things are buzzing and bright. The other down the coast were solitude and serenity is found. 

All of these things are valid. They all exist at the same time. It's the paradox of choice and action. 

Between these choices tension is found. Friction between what you want vs what I want. 

This friction is creative, productive and balancing. Embrace the differences. Walk away from known truths. Delight in possibility.  



Brilliance is not gifted. The natural ability to be disciplined, diligent and determined might?  

Brilliance is hard work. Crafting. Practising. Curating. Cultivating. Refining.  

Never ask someone who is at the top of their game how lucky they are.

Ask, how many years have they practiced?  How many hours have they toiled at their craft? What have they sacrificed? 

The brilliant are not lucky they are just practiced.  


Gentle spotlight

Sometimes a gentle spotlight is enough for someone to make drastic changes to how they are, what they do and who they be in the world. 

Yes a gentle spotlight!  

Not a bulldozer. Not a demolition ball.   

Think how you might next time support the nuance, subtly and refinement of a gentle spotlight. 

Speed and Deliberation

There is constant tension between speed and deliberation. 

WE choose to quicken the pace and speed things up or to slow down, absorb and recalibrate. 

We choose this. Not the world that surrounds.

It's our choice to respond to the feedback offered by the world - to rush or slow down. 

You choose if 6 years is too long to compete a degree.  

You choose if the tweet needs to be sent immediately. 

You choose to meander next to the stream. 

You choose to eat 2 minute noodles. 

You choose to ponder over the request just made of you or to react in this moment. 

Your choice.  

You've got it all together.

You may look at someone and go. "Wow look at them they have all of their shit together".

This response may then be followed by not checking in, focusing on your own stuff or moving on. 

That person still may have shit they are working through. They may still be experiencing challenges you can assist with. They may even just need to know you care. 

No matter how great things have been cultivated the crop still needs to be harvested.  

Challenge me.

Challenge me for sure. I love it. It clarifies how we see each other and the world. It defines what needs to be learnt by you and or me. 

Be sure to know what you are talking about though first.

Challenge from a place of knowing all the facts of what is being discussed - open up before coming down hard on the issue.

First. Ask questions. Gain clarity. Then and only then challenge tentatively with grace and an explorative heart.  

In return.  

If you find yourself challenged by someone who had limited information.

Be gracious. Be tentative. Ask questions to explore their understanding. Don't defend. Don't create a divide. Show compassion and generate clarity.


Art and Science

We need to reintegrate art and science. Not one and the other. Both. 

Art used to take science to new levels. Science would found art. Art would add dimension to science. Science had the power to rivet art to culture.  

How can we reintegrate the heights of design with the heights of a rigourous scientific approach? 

Facts and intuition together again.  

Sub conscious

Sometimes we have to let our conscious mind go and allow the unexplainable to take place. 

The unexplainable might take shape in how things fall - colour, rhythm and texture. 

The trick is to let go. Let fall. Then decode with a balanced conscious mind to see what couldn't be seen before. 



Sometimes we need to see the contrast in order to measure what we possess.

The stark difference between the us and the them helps us measure progress, sense our differences and perceive our direction. 

Oh so often we attempt to scrub out contrast but keeping it and even accelerating it may help us decode where we truly are. 


Be open to connect. Even when you are weary. 

Be open to engage. Even when you are filled with doubt.  

Be open to love. Even when things are hurt inside. 

Be open to grace. Even when blame has been placed. 

Be open to adventure. Even when the map hasn't yet been drawn. 



Spend 70% of your time and energy on building the relationship. 

 20% on exploring possibility. 

And only 10% on action.  

Don't act too quickly.

Without a strong relationship you won't have built enough trust. Trust is the essential foundation for exploration and action. It is needed for when things don't go to plan and things invariably don't go to plan. 

Without a deep exploration of the possibilities you won't know what actions to take and what not to take.

Act only after a strong relationship has been built.

You know it has, when you find yourselves instinctively exploring opportunities that surround.

Then and only then act. Act confidently within the safety of your trusting relationship borne of curiosity, exploration and possibility. 




Sometimes an explosion is needed to wake us up.

Gentle taps on the shoulder. An elbow in the ribs. A sign post pointing the other way. 

All ignored.  

Things escalate. 

You trip and fall. A crash. You're fired. 

Boom! You are forced to listen. Stopped. Carnage begs for questions with difficult answers.  

Haunted by warning signs missed. Wishing for more of the nuance and subtlety that was.  

Enhance your capacity to sense. Build on your sensemaking skills. Work with hypothesis to explore, seek feedback and refine your interpretation of the world and its people.

Build a robust, repeatable and accurate way of intuiting the world and your position within it. 





Take a minute to ponder the themes that repeat in your life. Those themes that reoccur time and time again. 

They may be themes of blessing and providence. They may be themes of dysfunction and despair. They may be themes of abundance or themes of scarcity. 

Take notice of these themes. Ask them why they are recurring. What are they asking you to take notice of?

Ponder the direction they are willing you to take. 


Perception is projection

Our perception is constructed of building blocks offered to us by our needs, expectations and wants. 

Not absolute truths.  

Perception is individual, temporary and fragile. You can't ever be too convinced.

Hypothesises work well - held to be true until proven otherwise.

The most powerful attribute of a hypothesis is in their origination. As soon as they are drafted an open invitation for exploration, curiosity and challenge is created. 

Balance your yeses and noes with more maybes.

Build working hypothesises that are designed to be challenged, explored and call us towards curiosity about life and all of its happenings 




Sometimes your greatest fears may transmute to become your greatest triumphs. 

Those whispers of caution, dread or disquiet might just herald a breakthrough.

This quite possibly may be because we arm up, prepare and coordinate to handle the (seemingly) impossible. 

It may just be a pre warning of things that have potential, hope or a spark of things to come. 

Whatever comes or goes. You wouldn't fear it if you didn't value either embracing it or fleeing the very thing towards safety. 

 Developing an early warning system here is essential.

Seek those things that represent a challenge to conquer and avoid entirely those things that are here to harm.