Mrs V Shift Stories

On Tuesday night I was Mrs V's guest. Here is the video and below my Q+A :)


1          Your story? 

I am Therapist, Coach and Strategist to individuals and teams. I create spaces that transform less conscious experiences towards more consciousness where we move from having less tools towards more tools.

2          Best advice? 

Success is always an inside job. Our struggle for external sources of wisdom at the cost of quieting our own inner wisdom continues our disconnect. To anchor ourselves within our digital future we need to get real time awareness, unlock what we are resisting and make connections between pain and purpose (I know its big).

3          What does spirituality mean to you? 

A billion eyes peering out of one soul. Getting closer to our ‘usness’. Balance, centring ourselves and the development of skills that support here and ‘nowness’.  Spirituality to me is the ongoing integration of the past, present and future and our timeless human interconnection.

4          Best personal development tool to help you through challenges?  

CliftonStrengths is a tool that unearths the natural patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour. When we focus on these natural patterns we find our talents and potentially where we find the most challenges. We start to hypothesise that weakness is merely just overplayed strength. I use this tool with individuals and teams in coaching and therapy.

5          What happened that steered you to success? 

I started to unpack my natural talents through CliftonStrengths with my own therapist and coach. This journey started me on a path towards self awareness that created my connection to purpose. A purpose filled with the service of others. I have been able to find success through a focus on my first loves – people and the wonder of technology.

6          Teach me something I don’t know.  

By 2045 we will have computers (digital networks) that think and feel like humans. Computing with the power to understand the difference between “I want that item” to “I know I want that item”. We must cultivate our humanity by increasing our self awareness and strengthening our human connections.

7         Biggest shift in your life and why? 

In March 2017 I walked three hours into the Costa Rican jungle for 7 days by myself. I reconnected to nature, etched a clearer idea of my purpose and found an inner space that supports me in my work in the world.

(Watch interview for full answers)