When threatened you'll probably fight or retreat. 

A threatened response that turns into aggression halts our ability to continue to explore. It moves people into their own defensive positions limiting our ability to hear and be heard. It might even harm, maim or traumatise. 

Moving away may look like a passive aggressive response. The above occurs less energetically with the added bonus of letting people wonder with worry.  

Hiding from issues can cause more demonstrable aggression to surface later that may come out unchecked. Again we are unheard and find it hard to hear others perspectives whilst alone. Exploration ceases.  

The best thing to do when threatened is to quickly assess if this is a paper tiger or a real tiger. Real? Fight or get the hell out of there! 

Paper tigers on the other hand need exploration. Why, how when, where and who.  The best solution when threatened by our own perception is to explore. Seek more information. Entertain new possibilities.  

Then most of all once you have all the information send compassion. Active compassion that heals wounds, blames no one and changes perceptions.