Unknowable roles

We are all embarking towards unknowable roles. Roles not yet defined. Roles that have not yet taken shape.

Roles that will be formed by our and others current choices, future choices and things outside of anyone's control.

Surprisingly roles are often defined by story tellers not the protagonists themselves. It's in the perceiving and the retelling that roles take shape. 

Some roles call us forward to know more of ourselves. Some roles limit (through protection) our access to possibility. Some roles dictate and lord power over others. Some roles reach out to connect diverse people together. Some roles bind, limit and control. Some open, encourage and connect. 

Unknowable roles. Outside of our direct control. Defined by others.  

Focus on that which you can control. Now. Present. Here.

Strive to connect, expand choices, explore, champion others, be humble, restore brokenness, honour possibility and gain insight into those parts of you that seek to serve.