Power in politics is essential. You must be seen as having power or you might lose it. Or even worse when you start to see cracks in the power you hold in any situation or relationship you simply find out you never really had power in the first place. 

 So defences are high in power filled relationships. This protects us from the illusion of power itself. Keeping us locked in the fantasy of power, control and status. 

Power is an illusion. The more you have the less you have. I have come to find the people who crave power over others have less personal power to do and to be. They have not found a sense of themselves that is limitless or without boundaries imposed by others. They then build a life that is powerful and wield this power for good or for evil - remembering everyone's evil is another person's good. 

Have a think about your conversations, relationships and roles. Are you unintentionally playing power games over others? Is there intention in leveraging the power you have to be mindful and empower people who surround? 

Are you powering over others or empowering them?  

The less we value the illusion of power the more we can empower ourselves and those people around us to live fully, in the moment whilst preparing together for the possibilities that await.