Where is...

Where is the customer? What is best for their well-being? 

Are you prioritising the humans who sit in your audience, buy your widgets or purchase your time? Are you ensuring your team are primed and ready to lavish on your customer? 

Keys to finding the customer again include:

Empathy. See the world as they see it. Burrow into their perspective. Meet the needs they feel they have, not the ones you expect them to possess. Interrogate their experience from every angle. Deliver in this direction. 

Constant reminders. We oh so easily lose sight of why we are a group, in business or gathering together. Quickly the external reason for our creation is lost with internal intrigue, gossip and survival. We lose sight of our customer and just as we realise its too late. Hold close a mantra. In this, that or there, where is the cusotmer? 

Constantly remember that you are gathering here today for someone who needs or wants something (or a mixture of the two).

Serve them quicker, better, bolder and more authentically than anyone else and you'll have success. 

Nurture your team. Generate a solid foundation. Steer these humans towards the humans they serve.  

Forget the customer is your primary focus and dwell amongst the previous organisations that squandered all of their energy within when they were actually being called to turn it outward.