The unintended impact

We have cultivated a perspective, refined our talents and striven to do good work for the people around us. 

We are playing so far into our capability, our goodness overplayed, may represent a barrier for others to engage. 

Their listening is reduced by the roughness of our brilliance.  If only we could refine and bring nuance to our strengths. 

Nuance and refinement offered to us by a compassionate heart. How can we increase the loving compassion we offer people we wish to bring along on the ride with us?

The trick here is to settle the score, the score that tallies all the love and compassion you think you should have received in life.

It's about moving into a more generous space of enoughness where we can give and then not need anything back. Gifts that needs no true reciprocation. 

This is easier said than done and realising this for ourselves is as complex as humanity itself.  

Refine talent, smooth rough edges and live to serve others.

But do some prep work on bringing awareness of self. Curate a deftness to handling of your own needs as you nimbly navigate this life.