The rush of War

Opening up the news the other day I got a rush at seeing Trump wielding his power by deploying tomahawk bombs over Syria.  

This was surprising because 1. I am not exactly the most ardent supporter of Trump, far from it, 2. I fundamentally believe war gifts us unending trauma. 

But why does power exhilarate us in this way? Does it tap our own sense of powerlessness on the shoulder? Does it corner our fear of not being able to follow through when we need to? Does it rush us to think about what power we do have at our disposal?  

At the end of the day a grab for power is often met with a future of powerlessness.

Just as Assad grasped nerve gas to quell an insurgence, the very same act brought him new investigations, pressure and bombs that work to destabilise what he is trying to stabilise.  

Was Assad empowered by Trumps links to his ally in Russia?

If so Trump's grab at power by winning an election has led to a weakening of his cross continental power base. His show of power has then weakened other positions as they in return weaken his. 

Power and the showing of it might titillate. But it's wielding over another person or group,  and in its very expression starts to unwind the power base it is trying to create.