Change isn't a straight line. 

Change isn't even a squiggly line!  

Change is non linear. Backward and forward. Up and down. Inside and out. Forward and backwards. Sideways and byways. 

Change looks like a mess if we are looking at it through a lens that demands a beginning and an end.  

Change is multidimensional, multifaceted and complex. It does not have strict laws or variables. It is hard to quantify. It is hard to fully understand with our brains. It's hard to see the multitude of parts that work together help us to change. 

Most of change rests in the subconscious and within those unreachable corners of our experinece.  

The good news is you CAN measure change through its impact.

If embarking on significant personal or organisational change measure impact and don't drain energy into trying to measure ephemeral aspects of change itself.