Business speak is distracting us.

Thanks so much for sharing that (It wasn't what I wanted to hear and I feel as if you are holding some of the truth back but ok I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable so let's move on).

I need to come back with the ROI on this (I haven't done the calculations because really, to be frank I can't calculate ROI ethically in this situation - ever - because the world is changing too fast for us to hold onto anything that is overly permanent which we can base a reliable ROI study on anymore. I wish we could just take bold chances). 

We need to really think about it.  (I don't agree with you. To be clear I don't have time to think and ponder at all so I'm actively delaying having to have an opinion here. Nothing to see here. Let's move on). 

I think we need to kick the tyres on that (I simply hate the idea the team came up with last week. Like really hate it. So I'm throwing in a car metaphor to distract from the fact that I don't have the kind of relationship I want with my own team, one where I can say how I feel in real time without them thinking I am waging an outright attack). 

I promise you I haven't forgotten about it (Yeha I did forget. Your directive was rubbish and completely disregarded my point of view. I was reeling for a week so it got pushed way and placed way down my priority list. I don't trust you so I am going to keep this to myself so I continue to feel safe). 

All we need to focus on right now is the low hanging fruit (I'm very lazy. The hard and more sustainable approach does not have buy in from my managers so quick and dirty is in. I pray if we do a transactional approach first we might be able to do more later, maybe. But it's more my fear of being right and changing someone's opinion than my fear of being wrong).