Our natural reaction to pain is to avoid it. We are taught from a young age to lessen the impact of all pain in our lives. Headache? Take a Panadol. 

Being alive however has some suffering attached. That of loss for instance is impossible to avoid. So are many other experiences that illicit emotional responses from within a very broad spectrum.  

Suffering brings pain and represents a largish portion of our existence. Inherent in pain is wisdom. Information that gives us an indication, a direction and is calling for a response.  

First step here is to sit with and understand the pain and or suffering. (Did you notice this is opposite to the Panadol response above)? 

Sit with do not reject the pain. Seek understanding. Where is this pain taking you to or taking you from? 

Continue to observe the pain. Don't try to strangle it from your body. Continue to sit with. Dwell with the pain and it's resulting emotional response. What does it remind you of?  

If it had words what would it be saying to you? 

Sometimes we may feel the pains hold lessen. New understanding and a direction brings relief. 

Others may not. Seeking help and guidance is encouraged here. Medical help, energy workers, chiropractors, natropaths or any of the other allied health professionals.

Seek holistic and sustainable support for your pain not merely just a quick fix.