A life. A good life. One that is of service to others is adjusted and developed in the nuance. 

Subtle and small changes that build towards greater awareness, slight re posturing and adjusting the flow of energy.

Not big changes like a chiropractor usually supports with a crack of the back but more like the slow ebbing change found in regular appointments with your therapist over many years. 

Big, loud, quick and brash changes may start the process of change but won't support the type of change that will last beyond a lifetime.  

Focus your attention on the subtle changes. Participate in yes but don't overvalue the larger changes in life we can often get lost within.

Value the power of time. Look forward into the years ahead. Small changes minute by minute or day by day compound to create dramatic and lasting change for yourself and others. 

Generate within, the personal power that motivates change. Don't rely on others who might wish to take ownership over the change you seek.  

Embrace the subtle and nuanced. Participate in but re value the bigger more cataclysmic change we often focus all of our attention on.