When interacting with other people we not only commit to external dialogues but internal ones.

External conversations are tended to by the feedback of others. As we speak we seek feedback, monitor and adjust. 

Internal conversations go untended with only the corners of our minds containing their direction, pace and power.  As we think we don't often easily edit, re colour or re direct. 

Our inner and outer dialogues impact each other. They coalesce to influence our connections with others, the quality of the current moment and our future direction. 

External conversations are tended to.  

Tend to your internal conversations. Take note of their direction, pace and power. Are they powering a focus on strengths or deficits? Are they rapidly rushing back or forth? Are they taking you away from or into the you that rises above any one single circumstance? 

This is especially important as our internal conversations start to outrank our external ones.   

Find your way. Meditation. Nature immersion. Reflection. Relaxation. Body work. Energy cultivation. Therapy. Awareness.