I think we are in an era of underplaying the power we hold in the choices we make or more importantly the choices we don't make. 

Powerlessness abounds. Potentially because the digital world we live within is loud, hard to influence and filled with messages about how we 'should' think/feel/act. 

Our participation even in this digital world is a choice.

We have been convinced that engagement here isn't a choice. Disconnection would mean being left behind or missing out.

Powerlessness abounds because we choose to allow it.

We have choices into and out of any life situation (unless physical oppression/abuse/control is active or its lasting impact has us remaining inside the cocoon of protection we built to survive). Regardless, at some point in the future and more likely many moons ago we were gifted a choice we chose to ignore.  

Awake to the choices you have. Both the large and the small.

Switch off and reconnect within the sea of disconnection that is plaguing our times.

Wield the powerful sword of your choices to build a life, community and future where we can all thrive not just survive.