Everything old is new again. 

Looking for the cutting edge? Go back a few thousand years and bring back some of the stuff that our modern world has lost. 

In our haste for rapid and numerous connections we have become rapidly disconnected. Reconnect through disconnection. Drop the smart phone. Look someone in the eyes. Tell them you care about what has gone before and what happens next. 

As we run towards the digital and the artificial don't forget natural cycles and the basic elements of nature. Track the sun as the day progresses. Go get your shoeless feet onto grass (at least once per day). Sit still mindlessly watching your mind's thoughts pass it by. 

Grab some wood, fire, metal, water and earth to bring into your spaces to honour and integrate their meaning into daily habbits/rituals/ceremonies:

Wood = Benelovence and kindness 

Fire =  Power and intensity 

Metal = Justice and fairness 

Water =  Wisdom and knowledge 

Earth =  Honesty and faithfulness 

(One interpretation from Ancient Chinese Astrology)