We are taught from a very young age that every story requires a villian. 

In the story of our lives we often cast ourselves as the villian. 

Directed inwardly we annihilate ourselves as we move through life continually living up to our assigned role as the enemy. Subtly and not so subtly creating the life we think we deserve.

We are never good enough. 

The truth is there are no villians.

(I love a quote from James Carse who says words to the effect that: Evil is just someone else's good)  

Villiany is just a helpful construct to help us sit comfortably into a binary position again. Good to Evil.  

A binary is safe. No room for troublesome nuance, mystery or vulnerability. A haven for knowing what is what and when.

We couldn't possibly accept not having everything nailed down now could we?  

If you have cast yourself as the villian in your life -  choose to release it. Connect with your natural capacity for connection, change and self awareness.

Harness what is right about you and move yourself into a gentler, more dynamic and spacious middle ground that is found when you seek to find balance in all things - even the roles you cast a long time ago.