Nudge it too far and you end up doing the exact same thing you have set out to avoid.

Work hard to hummiliate another. Do it really well and you'll find yourself humiliated in return within the spectacle you've created. 

Love someone too much and end up smothering them out of the relationship. Love is lost where it can't be free to stay lit.

Slave day and night to gain a promotion. Then hit the decks from exhaustion once you get there. Sick leave taken.  Time taken you just lost.

Hide from the truth dodging and fleeing from credible answers. Incite more questions more inquisition. The light of day will flood you. 

As with everything in this existence balance is critical.

The yin and yang of life is found by supercharging our awareness and finding a deft balance on our accelerator pedal.

Not too hard and not too soft.

Knowing our environment. Understanding the condition or our car. Visualising our intended destination. Armed with directions or guidance from a map.

We won't always get it right but we will continue to be challenged, to grow in our experiences of managing ourselves through this life all whilst opening up possibilities for ourselves and others.