Doing doing doing

You set off on a path of doing. Doing driven by a clear purpose and vision for what is to come. The intentions are pure and firmly placed in the expectation of a future that shines.

The doing has to be done. There is no doubt about it. But you can either do awake or do asleep. You can numb out or remain present and fully engaged.

Doing, doing and doing feels busy. Time flies. You forget your sparkling intentions. You have dropped a deliberatness to your actions. Busyness disconnects. 

Doing wakefully is much more like being than doing. It's a sense of moving from moment to moment, action to action or task to task. It's a full experience, not a rushing from one thing to the next. It is relishing in the doing. Not just doing so its done.

Blitz through a week so you get your to do list done vs experiencing moments within the here and now learning, engaging, teaching, responding and serving in real time - deliberately.