Stories are king

Marketing is driven by stories within our thouroughly modern connection based economy.

We have a mandate to connect potential customers with stories about success, achievement, fulfillment and status of buying/purchasing/downloading our products and services. 

In practical terms the product or service does not have to be superior. But the story does. 'Unique Selling Points'  and 'Value Props'  sure have them but really if there isn't a human story attached I don't care and either will the people clicking.

Tell me a story about how you changed someone's life. Earth shatteringly profound change isn't needed (if you can sure go for it). Nah just the types of change your target market are wanting to see in their life. Described in their terms. Without puff. 

Now you have a compelling authentic story. Slice it. Splice it. Post, tweet, blog, release, photograph, draw and video it! Send it out.

Now you can hope for your story to match someone's reality. A reality of experience with your product or service.

When they do and they are armed with the story you have curated - guess what happens next - they share it. Refferals are king. Power refferals by telling many stories and putting them a click away from your advocates finger.