Theory and practice...

There is always a divide between theory and practice. Theory is neatly packaged in textbooks, blog posts and strategic planning documents.

Practice is messy and found in the divide between planning and action, speaking and being spoken to, understanding and misunderstanding, thinking and action.

Practice is messy because theory leaves the safe confines of the page and finds its way into the heads, hearts and hands of real humans. 

I am not convinced that a theoretical approach always has the best outcomes (in some domains like surgery and building a skyscraper sure - let's stick to theory though). A theoretical approach implies that everything can be predicted.

Theory on a page neglects the fact that invariably we misunderstand each other, we forget our own and other strengths, we react from places within us that are in self-protection mode and we throttle our and others success because we are not actually ready for the success we seek.

Theory sets the scene. Theory sets the tone. Theory articulates an approach.  

When we blend theory with other theories we find many possibilities.

When we blend many theories with practice, iteration and humanness we truly allow for what wants to emerge to emerge. We conceptualise 'it' in theory and we see 'it' come alive within practice.