Foresight can be expensive. Expensive in many ways both in affording it now to preview the future so current investment matches future need but also expensive later if earlier investment in foresight is not made which results in a lack of capacity that forces us towards disruptive remedial work in the future.

It is much cheaper (and less disruptive) to build a 4 lane highway now than transforming an already operating 2 lane highway to a 4 lane highway later.

Maybe the additional investment of tarmac and lane markings can wait but the earth and rock moving could be an early investment for future capacity that can be easily predicted now.

Many startups want to avoid buying a race car when all they need is a family wagon. But what are they sacrificing in investment now to prepare for a future capacity they dream of which they might actually need?

Don't build a 4 lane highway when you only need a 2 lane highway. But by God build this capacity into every decision you take. Move the rocks and earth now to support the future capacity demanded by your plans. Build the road in such a way that the 4 lanes you need in the future are easily constructed with minimal disruption. Use your foresight, invest in what is needed for now and prepare tangibly for what you see will be needed later.