Hierarchies of power exist all around. Often we as individual contributors ignore or are numb to their influence. At times we passively permit their influence so we feel safe, contained and protected by a sense of social order.

Technology has disrupted hierarchies of the past. Democratisation has influenced nearly every single tower of power. Not in the way governmental democracy has emerged with two parties capturing power in alternate seasons but true democracy where everyone has a voice and everyone has power to choose (well, anyone with access to device and platform). Technology has merged with our market economy in a powerful way to redistribute power throughout our population.

How long will this last? Has it already ended? Now with all of our life's information online machine learning, artificial intelligence and the men and women who tweak it to their favour may lead to an emergence of an even heavier hand than the church, critic or corporation of the last several decades.

How can we honour, respect and amplify the aspects of power that we want and reduce the types that cause undue pressure on our self identity, our rights and the freedom to live a life of possibility.

Power might contribute something. Influential power filters to reduce the chaos of too many options, power can support basic needs to be met, power can fill us with vision for a future we can't yet see, power can challenge us to better identify with our desires, power can nurture us towards focus, power can propel us towards self determination.

Hierarchies of power are changing and shifting. Awareness of this is critical in order for us to shape systems of power that contribute to life and don't detract from its potential fullness.