Your choice.

You create the reality you want. You create the reality you think you deserve. You project on the world and it's people what you expect. 

The world is a projection screen and you are the projector. You see what you want to see. 

There isn't any trick or magic attached to 'manifestation'. It is within your expectation you find what you expect. 

Those unconscious parts of you have a lot to say here. You might not consciously be projecting an expectation on someone, a situation or a happening. But unconsciously you might be. You might be projecting what you know to be true from your past experiences or your future fears.

The stuff you have always seen in this life. When I do 'X', 'X' happens. 

An example: Anger sent across the room by another person is only anger when we receive it as anger. In its purest form - at its point of origin - anger is actually fear/hate/disgust. This fear is wholly owned by the sender of hate and is most often more about hating oneself than the recipient.

It mutates as anger as it flings through the air. The recipient perceives it as so and tells themselves a story "Wow that person is angry with me". We neglect the real stories of self loathing, fear and disgust that started it all. 

In this way we can quickly become the sum parts of the stories we tell about ourselves and others. What would happen if we witnessed the projection. Called it out for what it is. Aware. Connected. Mindful. 

Bravely allowing these stories to fade away to reveal the now.

The stuff that is really happening. You and me connecting - sometimes scared, often needing love, regularly wanting to love, expecting greatness and anticipating the next moment to arrive.