I want to be satisfied.

(In my work as a technology strategist).

Well sorry - but my job isn't to satisfy you.

My job is to make sure you have a space of change that will support you to reach your ambitions. A stretching space to connect your resources to your purpose. 

That my friend is at times very uncomfortable. You'll be asked questions you don't yet have the answers for. You'll catch glimpses of your good intentions which are now contributing to your misdirection. You will need to change how you see yourself and then the way you see the world.

Then you'll need to change how you see yourself in the world. 

It's uncomfortable and you won't feel safety in answers given to you within a neatly packaged box.

Pre boxed answers do not allow for possibility to emerge.  

They can give you historical perspectives where things may have been successful in the past and can be used as guides but not solutions. 

You need to do the hard work that self-awareness takes.

Then back yourself continuously even when things get tough. Constantly investing and reinvesting in change that matters.