There is always temptation when pressed to neglect the need for proper thinking, strategy and planning. It is so easily justified as you watch competitors do things better or internal stakeholders start to fret.

It is incredibly easy to rush towards activation and starting something. Starting something feels good. There is something very finite about it. The tangibility of doing something gives us something temporal to say "We won't be left behind".

This is bunkum. Rushing to action leaves us with short term solutions what will cost more than they return across their lifetime. They demand reworking and redoing. They may allow us to feel calm as we act quickly right now but when we realise their disconnection to our long term future and start to see the real time pain they create we will be forced to stop, think, strategise and plan.

Hack this process. Get in front of it. Afford strategy. Afford priority planning. Activate with care of your current and future resources. Don't rush to action. Rush to develop a plan that will ensure you don't have to haphazardly react to change by activating anything.

Focus on the important things now so emergencies that call for rushing just don't happen in your future.