Laugh and be inappropriate

You know what we are all so stiff and serious!

Yes there is time for ceremony, manners and politeness. But there is also time for humour, 'in jokes', naughtiness and cackling.

This life is very magical. So magical in fact we don't need to take it all too seriously.

Lightheartedness opens a space for sharing and connection. It lightens our bodies physically to release contentment from within. It transforms our perception of the moment to re frame towards balance and away from dim pessimistic mindsets that can creep in like the night.

Embrace natural humour. Allow for a spark to ignite collective humour in your next team meeting. Allow for inter office banter. Stoke the fire of laughter. 

Spot a blight of seriousness overcome your team or relationship? Stop!

Quickly book a wine and painting night (or practically anything else to get the juices flowing).

Allow people to reconnect with themselves and each other through only the warmth a good belly laugh can provide.