You and they may want rapid change.

So much so you are both screaming for it.

Heated discussions about what the problems are with rushed solutions.

If you step back a moment, though. Observe. You will find that these contemporary problems are a result of historically rushed solutions...

In the pursuit of rapid change more solutions for the veneer are added. Increasing bulk. Misshaping relationships. Adding inefficient layers. Awkwardness emerges. Resilience is squashed. We start to hear "I have had enough" and "I am powerless to change anything" and "I have no idea of why this is happening".

Seek the root cause. Not just in the pursuit of simply finding it. Seek it so you can fully understand it.

The challenge here is often our rushed solutions are covering up the fact that we are not working within our strengths. This is challenging because it is asking us to understand ourselves better.

Cultivating a deep understanding of yourself is a great approach to any sense of powerlessness, doubt and exhaustion. This is our path to understanding 'What is REALLY going on'.

This is the path to stop investment in bandaids and go on about enacting deeper transformational change that will last a lifetime.