Maybe black + white and blinkered thinking is an evolutionary step.

Our civilisations have all been there and done it with such horrific effect. Dogmatic and religious thinking and it's resultant action fills the pages of our history books. People burnt at stakes, imprisonment, torture and maiming.

Still civilisations across this planet are grappling with the comfort of thinking in black and white terms. Right and wrong reigns.

Personally I have travailed a pathway out of dogma into a life hanging in the balance of mystery, not knowing and feeling safe in the grey. A space where there are now many possibilities for my life and those lives I'm so grateful to have around me. 

Are you ready to evolve? Are you personally ready to examine the things you are convinced in order to possibly become unconvinced?

To do so it will take guts, determination, a willingness to let go, an ability to embrace vulnerability and undertake a journey towards true self awareness.