Uber was an underdog. They leveraged this underdog status to grow and restructure a whole industry. The word on the street was that they were here to save us from an outdated and inflexible taxi system. 

Uber via their success is now the dominate player in what is now a global race for dominace. The word on the street is they are gouging us.

We all move through cycles of capitalising on an underdog status to fuel growth. Whether this is a company, expert on the news or as a freelancer.

How can we better navigate this transition. How can we get ahead our ourselves and augment our purpose, our ambitions and our message to ward off the negative aspects of success. 

How can we keep humble whilst reaching out goals. How can we maintain a connection to our the hard climb when all everyone can see is our success?

Connect to the true purpose behind the change you seek. Be generous. Commit to human connections. Nurture self awareness as your greatest gift, teacher and reward.