Show up

All transformation that runs deep and sticks around is because someone showed up, then showed up again, then showed up again...and again.

The discipline. The muscle training.  The presence. The experience. The confidence.  

That singer you saw tonight at the theatre 9 times out of 10 showed up weekly to singing lessons, studied for years in higher education, practices daily, carefully warms up and treats their voice with care. They show up every day to diligently work on their craft. 

We all have the capacity for diligence, discipline and determination. 

Don't sit in the audience wondering if you could get up there one day and sing. Go start the hard work today to show up, get training, practice then practice some more.

Don't look on others' success as just mere luck. Recognise the depth and breadth of the diligence they have shown when no one was looking.

Seeing success as luck alone allows us to sit still, lie in wait and whine that our life isn't as we want it. We can ignore the hard work it takes to show up to get proficient, invest in skills and develop the types of holistic strengths that are needed to be successful.

Effective mediation? Show up. Artistry of any kind? Show up. Precision? Show up. Grace? Show up.