"Oh look at you, you are soooo LUCKY!". 

Nah there is no such thing as luck. There is however good fortune and knowing how to handle it. The handling of it is where the work is. Hard work as we learn to facilitate ourselves within our given lives.

I know people who have been born into million dollar family's who have not been able to manage their so called 'luck'. Alcoholism, poor relationships, and impulsive spending rules their lives. The person above would say they are 'lucky' but ask the person who cries themselves to sleep in a mansion if they are happy, satisfied, whole or feeling very lucky?

"Oh look at your relationships, you are soooo LUCKY!". 

Nah I just work really hard at my relationships. I show up authentically, I am honest, I care and support, I seek balance and I look for healthy boundaries that allow you to be you and me to be me. It takes hard work. It takes being vulnerable. It takes not being OK. My relationships look lucky but they are a healthy mix of good fortune and bloody hard work. 

"OH look at your work, you get to choose what you do when you do it and are being paid well, you are sooooo LUCKY!". 

HA! No I work bloody hard to connect with people, do work that drips of excellence and continually offer above what I have been asked to give.

I took a huge risk that was gut-wrenching at the time to work for myself and give space for each and everyone of my key strengths to show up every day.

I continue to work hard to create the frameworks I offer my time within that guide me to manifest the change I am seeking. I work hard with my entrepreneurial clients through very tough conversations that ask them to look at themselves more fully, change aspects of how they too show up and leverage their strengths as part of the organisations they have built.

I ask big bold questions about their purposes, ambitions and values together with the people and processes and technology that will get them there. 

Not lucky. Just very fortunate and a capacity for a lot of bloody hard work :)