Trust the process

You have done the hard work. The testing, trialing and experimentation. What has emerged is a process, a model and a framework! 

Document it! Capture it on one page (this constraint helps to refine the framework). Make it visual. Be patient this step may take some time to emerge. Get feedback on it from people who you either trust or are your target audience. 

NOW the trick. The trick here is to ask people to trust the process.

Often these people you are calling to trust it are in dire need of the very framework you have toiled over! You have seen it in action - they have not. You have seen the results - they are yet to.

They are in the dark and probably full of the fear - a special kind of fear anyone would have in their position without the model you are offering them. 

Now - are you bold enough to ask them to trust the process? 

Now - how are you going to get them through their fear to trust?

Now - when are you going to get started?