Inward vs Outward

Is your team spending the majority of their time at work focused inwardly or outwardly?

Outward reflection can enhance awareness of the organisation's place in the world, it will support a proactive approach to opportunities and challenges that are emerging whilst also ensuring everyone is connected to your customer - not just a surface connection but an empathic and authentic connection to the core group of people that matter the most. 

Inward reflection, awareness and 'work' that leads to positive internal change is absolutely needed. But like anything, if the balance is out and your team is spending more time on 'internal' matters and not focused outwardly to the world, customers and partners then you might have a problem.

When you find that more than 30%-40% of your time is allocated to internal communication challenges or fixated on meetings purely concerned with how internal stakeholders show up and engage - you might want to wake up and take notice. 

If this is occurring don't focus on just the symptoms of the problems facing your team. Dig for the root causes. Dig for the fundamental reasons the symptoms are around.

Too many meetings? Don't just reduce meeting times or meeting length. Discover why there are too many meetings e.g. is there an anxious CEO or leader needing soothing, an unproductive middle manager who needs to be released to work from their strengths (maybe elsewhere) or not enough clarity on goals, objectives and a single plan to get there?

First grow in awareness of the inward to outward ratio - is it balanced? Secondly, figure out why people are not focused in a balanced way. Don't solve the symptoms - head for the root causes and solve those - that way any change you seek will last.