Burn: fizzle, pop or slow roast?

You can burn things in a variety of ways.

Superheated, fast, quick and short lived. Here you get an intense heat by burning a ton of smaller sized twigs. At times you might also add a fire starter to really get things burning rapidly. You can achieve a bright heat that only lasts a few moments unless you keep throwing in more fuel but uses up the twigs fast and be careful you might burn your fingertips. This isn't sustainable over the long term as more and more fuel is required to burn at the same heat and pace.

Slow, steady and long lasting. Here you get an intensely hot heat that has depth by burning large bulky logs. Most of the time you need to start with a fast fire to catch the log but once it's caught a much slower pace takes over. You achieve a dark red and deep heat that will last for a long time and produce more than enough heat. Need to burn longer? Just lay another log on top! Be careful as its hard to put this type of fire out, be methodical and have a clear purpose in mind before you set out on this path. 

How do you burn life's energy? Fast or slow?