Do you often find yourself impatiently impatient about being impatient? It is kind of like being angry that you are angry. Or sad that you are sad. 

This cycle leaks energy and keeps us away from doing our life's work. 

We find ourselves in these positions because of a few potential reasons. Maybe our life's purpose is not incredibly clear right now. Maybe we feel stuck having seen the future and feel currently powerless to make changes to make it come alive. Possibly we find ourselves blind to the fact there is a future and a past beckoning us forward. 

Whatever the reason if you are reading this and going oh yeahhh I am angry cause I am angry OR I am impatiently impatient because I am impatient.

Good job. 99.9% of change is self-awareness.

When we are in a state of awareness we stop, calm down and can look at what is all around us. We can start to tap into our inner strengths or the strengths in those around us to get better visibility on why we are here on this planet, how we could leverage our energy and the steps to take to get to a future where we are fully engaged.