Communication and Collaboration = Good work

A new friend shared with me a simple formula tonight.

Communication + Collaboration = Good Work

Communication: Our ability to speak our mind clearly. To share our ideas. Painting pictures with our words of the future we see. Articulting the change we seek so those that can do something about it can understand it and then act.

Collaboration: Shaping new ideas from the efforts of many. Combining many 'futures' into a consolidated future. Merging the change you and I and she seeks. Articulating shared change so WE can start to do something about it.

I might be smart alone but by god we are a hell of a lot smart together. When you can reflect and bounce two (three, four, five etc etc) beings off of each other things multiply, magnify, strengthen and refine. 

Good Work: It has the 'IT' factor. Whatever that is. You touch, feel, smell and taste excellence seeping from the core of it. You find it hard to place a finger on its brilliance or to pinpoint what the 'IT' is. It's almost like it emerged fully formed. You can't see the toil (but any craftsman would see it s mile away). It's the stuff you would miss if it left.

Simple formula,  but I wonder if we are ready for the investment of time and money it takes to truly communicate and collaborate.