The right people...

Time and time again I'm hearing from my clients it's not technology or product or location that makes the difference it's their people.

Not just the people inside the organisation but also those outside of it.

A major competitive differentiation nowadays is surely your people. The hearts and the souls who connect to the hearts and souls of your customers are the reason you'll start a business and then stay in business. Good technology, a snappy logo and compelling products will only get you so far in our thourghly modern connection economy.

Nestling into a great restaurant you sit back and see your community -  your tribe all around you. You recognise the faces all round and it gives you comfort that you are all in this together. You feel apart of something. Connected. Understood. Identified. Smart companies do this too. They allow people to flock. Like minded individuals who are able to participate in something together. It's the togetherness that spurs on new connections and more introductions. Community builders will own the next decade.

Hire great people then build a community.