Unbridled privilege

If our default position is privilege we might just hold a space for others that is equal parts vulnerable, generous and filled with humility.

This in return gifts others a space to expand, show up and energize themselves to connect to their purpose.

How can we prepare ourselves for privilege? How can we be honored by whatever walks through the next door the good, seemingly bad and ugly?

Pressence helps. Being inside of this very moment prepares us to feel enamored with the humanity that enters through the door.

Expectation frames. Frames what we are expecting and prepares us to receive. If we expect stupid, incompetent, corrupt and stinging we will get all of those things and more. Expect life, value and connection those things will follow. 

When we can truly own the privilege it is to be alive and to be in communion with others we will step into new territory. A territory of growth, companionship and sustainability.