Sometimes you just need an injection...

Sometimes you and your organisation are plodding along and everything is going well! There are no major hurdles, the team is meeting their objectives, the future looks bright.

People are working from their strengths. You finally have exactly the right team in place. You are set for a successful year and can see a clear trajectory for an even better year next year. 

Exactly the time your team needs an injection in the butt. 

A time to ask "What change are we willfully ignoring?". A time to check "What product/service are we not selling?". A time to discuss "What customer segment could we serve BETTER?". 

How to give your team an injection in the butt? Go seek a new hire that will shake things up. Engage a freelancer strategist to review and recommend future pathways of success. Get new ideas, inspiration and energy! 

Go out and seek change before change seeks you out.