Heart beating.

You are no more valuable, worthy or powerful than the very next person who has a beating heart in their chest. 

Sometimes we need to puff ourselves up when we feel small. Sometimes we can live a whole life puffed up hiding our perceived smallness.

Sometimes we use anger and bluster to make our way through life to distract everyone from our small view of ourselves.

Sometimes we use clothes, gems and finery to tell the word "I am OK". 

Sometimes we use isolation and quietness to sail through life unnoticed, unchallenged and unengaged.  

What if we could just restore the balance?

What if we could just remind ourselves that my heart and your heart beating blood around our bodies gives us immediate value, immediate worth and immediate power - value, worth and power we have always had. 

We could hold together both our magnificence as humans and our inherent vulnerability at the same time to allow our true purpose to emerge.