Get out of the way!

Get out of the way. You are not that important. Your client, family, friends, partner and practically everyone else is not reacting to your insides. They are reacting to their own. 

That internal dialogue you are having about your deficits, that narrative you are spinning about how you could have done better and that feeling that things might not go the way they 'should'. Deal with it. Process it. Own it. Re write it. (Where is that should coming from anyway!). 

People like you are caught up in their own inner narratives about their stuff. What would happen if you were the only one in the conversation not in your own way. That your internal narrative was a clear space for a moment to hear, really hear what was going on and how to best respond?

Things would change if we got ourselves out of the way more often and were a pure channel for what needs to emerge. Here there is a space for many possibilities. A space for calm. A space for balance. A space for gentleness. Maybe even a space for fun.