You have a clearly articulated plan of action. You've thought long and hard about how to proceed. Your engagement is watertight. Bound not only by your past experience, bound by good intentions and bound by what you think is most likely to move things forward.

You arrive. Energetically however something does not feel as it did from within the safety of your mind. Now here in the moment. The real moment, things are not as planned.

Don't force. Don't stretch your first idea of this moment - into this moment. Stop. Be still.

Watch for what is really emerging. What's emerging may reference your plans, parts of plans or no plans at all - who cares. Your preparation will support what needs to happen.

Be patient. We rarely have all the answers alone. We always find more answers together. More possibility is found when this moment is co created.

Release. Pivot. Respond to the magic of interuption and the release of not having to have all of the answers.