Unlock those parts of yourself, your identity and the way you carry yourself in this world that are there because someone told you - you 'should' be that way. 

Unlock those parts of you that rise up in defence of your weakness, those fearful parts and the small stories you tell of yourself (to yourself). 

Unlock yourself from 'yourself' - the self that is less about who you truly are and more about who you have been told to be. Told by your parents, caregivers, teachers, the church, partners or those people you have worked with through the years. 

You are not scrubbing this person out - they remain. They drive you. They connect you to what is important.

But you can step aside to interact with others from your higher self. A self who is best described as the YOU you were before the world told you who YOU 'should' be. 

It's the purity of YOU in this moment unbounded by what has gone before or what is to come.