Centre of the earth

We often ponder the stars and their meaning. Or maybe we are pondering ourselves in relationship with the stars, their mystery and the scale of their community. 

How often do we ponder the mystery beneath our feet? All reports point to a similar mystery. What is underneath our feet is just as much of a mystery as the stars and the depths of the universe.

Some theories point towards its contents formulating a form of generator with two layers working in opposite directions to create our magnetic field and seemingly the volcanic power that bursts through every now and then. 

Two forces working with each other to generate power, heft, force and energy. Life is full of paradoxes that drive us forward and energise us to change and grow in awareness.

What is your source? What energises your life? What cycles are you respecting? What paradoxes are you entertaining? Are you strong enough to allow mystery to settle in the insides and outsides of life?