Psycho babble (dribble)

Psycho babble. Fast mind. Spinning top in the head! We all have it.

Do you tend your mind like a garden?

OR do you allow weeds, overgrowth, and vermin to run loose?

You might be blocking me from getting at your genius.

The speed of your mind and the self-destructive talk might be preventing me from seeing your essence, your inner strengths and throttling your ability to connect. 

I might miss the point of our communication.

A fire might light that does the heavy work for you, singe you a little sure, but nothing you can't get over of course.

You thrash and thrash in the mind. Anxious fear. Then you stop listen and open. You meditate on the moment. Clear the mind. Release the body. 

What happens next? You do it again and again and again. Until the time of thrashing is outweighed by the time in the moment - clear mind - free body.